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May Birthstone - Emerald

If one gemstone screams the words’ glamorous and sophisticated’ in unison, it is the birthstone of May month, Emerald. The verdant, luscious stone derives its name from the ancient Greek word for green, ‘smaragdus‘. Thriving with hope, growth, and regeneration, the color green of the emerald stone perfectly symbolizes the true essence of a life fully lived.

Legends say that wearing an emerald could bestow one with the prowess to foretell the future. The lavish green stone is associated with the heart chakra and is believed to foster unconditional love, loyalty, and solidarity. Owing to its spectacularly classy appearance, the may birthstone has had ardent followership amongst the ancient kinship and Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, Cleopatra. Even to this day, red carpet celebrities and influential personalities proudly flaunt their precious emerald jewelry publicly, as often as they can. Columbia accounts for more than half of the world’s emerald supplies, followed by Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt.