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March Birthstone - Aquamarine

Derived from the Latin words aqua and marine, meaning ‘sea water’, the March birthstone Aquamarine is believed to calm turbulent sea waves and ensure the safety of the sailors at sea. This light-hued gemstone acts as protective armor for those born in March, making the wearer almost invincible and thick-skinned to adversity. The magical gem is known to restore peace and harmony amidst marital discord for marriages having hit rock bottom. 

Both the gemstones, aquamarine, and emeralds are varieties of the same mineral, beryl. Aquamarine’s sea blue-green color palette lends it a very calming appearance, rightly making it the birthstone of the first spring month. Just a glimpse of the stone transports the senses to a landscape of serene beaches, crystal clear oceanic waters, and expansive blue skies over the head. Like water, most faceted aquamarines are transparent and free from inclusions, making them one of the most crystal-clear gemstones. Aquamarine embellished jewelry is the perfect 19th wedding anniversary gift. The semi-precious gemstone is majorly sourced from the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais but also has substantial deposits across concentrated areas in Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, China, Myanmar, Russia, and Ukraine.