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January Birthstone - Garnet

The intense deep red color of the January birthstone Garnet is fascinating to the core. Representing fertility and rebirth, the gemstone is believed to open doors to new opportunities and unprecedented wisdom for the wearer. The East also holds it capable of warding away negative feelings of self-doubt, guilt, and depression, thereby inducing greater self-confidence and emotional strength in an individual. Garnet is both a January birthstone and the perfect gift to mark the second wedding anniversary.

Bearing semblance to a pomegranate seed owing to the magnificent red color, the name ‘Garnet‘ is derived from the medieval Latin word, Granatus, meaning ‘pomegranate’. Such is the royal undertones of the gem that even in ancient Egypt, the aristocratic pharaohs would adorn necklaces and rings studded with luscious, red garnet stones. Victorian Era, known much for its sartorial grandiosity, also looked at this red marvel stone as a piece of beauty to embed their fine jewelry and crowns. A popular gemstone, Garnet comes from various regions and parts of the world. Though the African continent contributes majorly to the world’s total garnet accumulation, the January birthstone is found in considerable proportions in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.