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February Birthstone - Amethyst

This vibrant purpled-hued quartz stone has enjoyed ardent partisanship with royalty and the rich since times forever. For most of Europe and Asia’s ancient influential families, owning a splendid jewelry piece encrusted with amethyst was a mark of their regality and distinction. Derived from the Greek word amethystos, meaning ‘not intoxicating’, the February birthstone is believed to prevent and cure excessive drunkenness. Interestingly, the fables have it that the Greek Gods would prefer enjoying their drinks in cups studded with amethyst stone to prevent excessive indulgence. With adorning this gemstone, one is believed to exhibit calmness and prudence amidst overbearing situations. 

Those born in February should take pride in their birthstone as it is lavish with varied color hues ranging from passionate wine, calming lilac to a deep, intriguing purple. No wonder the stone bears to itself an enchanting aura of mystery, often associated with nobility and royal distinctiveness. It not only enhances your inner strength but adds a luxurious touch of finesse to your appearance as well. The gemstone makes a thoughtful gift for the February born and to mark one’s sixth and seventeenth wedding anniversary. Once touted as rare as ruby and emerald in the 19th century, amethyst is now found in abundance at its large deposits in Russia, Brazil, Africa, and South America.