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August Birthstone - Peridot

The fluorescent parrot green hue of the august birthstone peridot grabs attention at first glance. Unlike other gemstones, peridot is a rare, precious jewel formed deep within the Earth’s interiors at unbelievably high temperatures, subsequently brought to the surface through volcanic eruptions. Some trace peridots also journey to Earth through flaming meteorites, called pallasite meteorites. The august birthstone comes from the Arabic word faridat, meaning ‘gem’. Interestingly, the gleaming green color of the peridot is due to iron traces in it. In varieties with higher intensity of iron, the color green is even darker and intense, making the stone more valuable and rarer.

Also known as the ‘Evening Emerald’, Egyptian legends call the gemstone a ‘gem of the Sun’ and consider it abundant with healing powers. In many ancient cultures, the august birthstone is regarded as a protective talisman, saving its wearer from negative energies and oblivions of the darkness. Traditionally, the stunning peridot jewelry is also gifted to mark the 16th wedding anniversary. The finest specimen of the august birthstone is scarce to find. Geographies like China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Arizona in the United States are a few locations that meet with all of the world’s peridot demand.